NCO - New Business Organized is an umbrella brand that promotes an ethical supply chain and aims to education, work integration and social recovery of persons in difficulty at the moment as minors, drug addicts, mental suffering through activities of social farming.
The New Business Organized transforms those places once symbols of violence and abuse in places symbol of redemption and Legality thanks to the collaboration between the institutions and all social groups in the area. Agricultural activities in favor plant species linked to the region, thereby supporting the product quality over quantity, trying to recover the ancient flavors with massive productions and hybrid plants are gradually disappearing.




The initiative "Facciamo un Pacco alla Camorra" is the result of a network project, which involved 16 companies, including social cooperatives, companies and associations have denounced the racket.

The initiative is sponsored by: Comitato Don Peppe Diana, and from the social economy network Associazione La Forza Del Silenzio; Associazione Radio Siani; Associazione Resistenza; Azienda Cleprin; Soc. Coop. Capodarco; Consorzio Nuova Cooperazione Organizzata ; Coop.Agropoli; Coop. Al Di Là Dei Sogni; Coop. Altri Orizzonti; Coop. Un Fiore Per La Vita; Coop. Eureka; Coop. La Prima s.c.s.r.l; Coop.Lazzarelle; Vita & Salute; Sabox; Ente Autonomo Volturno.

Partners: Agrorinasce; Altreconomia; Banca Etica ; Consorzio S.O.L.E; CSV Assovoce ; F.A.I; Finanza etica e sostenibile; Fondazione Pol.i.s.; Fondazione con il Sud; Lega Vita e salute ; Libera; Slow Food ; Valori.